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 Welcome to the Damien Molony Forum!


A place for fans from all over the world to express appreciation and admiration for talented actor Damien Molony.

We aim to bring you latest on our favourite actor, his projects, news, interviews, reviews, pics and more

- visit us daily!



DMF has 2 main websites:

Fansite (damienmolony.org)

fan community (damienmolonyforum.com)


Find us on the following Social Media platforms too!

 Twitter Fan Page

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Instagram Fan Page



About The Damien Molony Forum

The Damien Molony Forum has been supporting and reporting on Damien's career since 2012.

DMF is created and maintained by a fan to show appreciation for the work of our favourite actor and to keep the fan base who admire his talent updated and inspired.

DMF is not affiliated with Damien or his representatives, but we are known to Damien,
who has over the years expressed his appreciation for our ongoing efforts and support.

We are also very proud to have collaborated with Damien in supporting and fundraising
for a number of different charities including Embrace CVOC, Make A Wish Ireland, Mind, Combat Stress, Age UK, Centrepoint and most recently, mental health charity 'SANE'.




At the present time we have 1,714 registered members who join us from all over the world, 2,086 discussion topics and a total of 58,845 forum comments, all on the subject of Damien's work! [latest update 16 June 2020]

The fan site damienmolony.org currently has a total of 451 news features and 273 info pages on Damien's work, including exclusive news, interviews, reviews and more.

Combined, damienmolonyforum.com and damienmolony.org receive an average of 150,000 hits per month!


Join Us!

Thank you for supporting The Damien Molony Forum, we hope you enjoy your visit here.

To help you find your way around the forum, we have lots of handy hints and helpful guides.

We believe that you will get the most out of the forum if you register and join the fun, connect with other fans, gain extra features and more! 

See you soon!


Damien Molony Forum owner



Join DMF here too:

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