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Topic: GALLERIES INTRO ***please read before posting in this section***

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GALLERIES INTRO ***please read before posting in this section***
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Welcome to the Damien Molony Forum Topic Galleries.

This area of the forum is for all Damien Molony images.


Please read the following guidelines before posting in this part of the forum:


How Post Pics On The Forum

There are two ways to include images in your posts:


1. Use the attachment option

This can be found at the bottom of the writing area when you create a new post.

Simply click on 'add attachment', select a picture that is saved on your computer, and upload by following the instructions given.

click on 'insert' to place the image in the body of your post.

click 'submit post' and the image will be attached.



2. Using Photobucket

Upload any image to a third party host for example tinyurl or photobucket and either:

a) select the 'insert image' tab, from the menu above the text box when you create a new post, and enter the image address (url)


b) manually type the 'BB tags' (img) and (/img) but in square brackets, either side of the image address (url) you wish to display.

For example:

(img) http://pictureaddresshere (/img)

but with square brackets [ ] instead of the normal brackets (if used in the example, it would go invisible) and without gaps



Sharing Images and Copyright 

Please do not post any images to which you do not have the copyright. Please always obtain the correct permissions before posting copyrighted photos and images on the forum and acknowledge the source of all images by providing a link in all postings. 

As a general rule, if in doubt, please only post the website link / url to the images not the images themselves.

Please do not 'hotlink' images direct from another site i.e copying the image from the source site and pasting direct to the forum. this is technically stealing their bandwidth. All hotlinked images will be removed.

Please always use a third party host to upload your image e.g Photobucket, or use the upload option as described above to upload the image direct from your computer to the forum. 



Sharing Images Found on The Damien Molony Forum


Please do not copy or share images posted at the Damien Molony Forum. These may be images we have gained permission to share (for example Suspects promo photos from Channel 5) specifically on the forum or the fansite. If we post an image here it does not mean it is automatically available to copy. Additionally some of these images are licensed to us (at a cost) for use on www.damienmolonyforum.com or www.damienmolony.org and for editorial use only, cannot be shared on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter or any other website. The terms of our license mean we have to report any such illegal use.

However, we very much welcome sharing by linking directly back to us, for example to share an image posted here, provide the direct link to the relevant forum topic.


If you have any questions about posting your pics on the forum, please feel free to post them here or contact admin or one of the moderators.



Thank you and enjoy!





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