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Topic: THE SPLIT 3.01 | 4 April 2022 | Episode Guide | Poll | (Spoilers!)

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THE SPLIT 3.01 - What did you think? [2 vote(s)]

***** 5 Stars - EXCELLENT! I loved it!
**** 4 stars - Good, I really liked it
*** 3 Stars - OK, I mostly liked it
** 2 Stars - Disappointing, I didn't like it much
* 1 star - Not for me
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THE SPLIT 3.01 | 4 April 2022 | Episode Guide | Poll | (Spoilers!)


The Split Series 3

Episode 1




4 April 2022

9pm - 10pm

BBC One & BBC iplayer 




Episode Guide 

Hannah and Nathan are in the final stages of negotiating their divorce, but Lennie advises her that going through with it would be a terrible mistake. When Nathan reveals he has met someone else, the amicable separation takes a turn for the worse. Nina and Hannah take on a new client, the fianceé of the now deceased Earl of Brode, who is struggling to evict his ex-wife.


Cast & Credits

Hannah - Nicola Walker

Nathan - Stephen Mangan

Ruth - Deborah Findlay

Nina - Annabel Scholey

Rose - Fiona Button

Christie - Barry Atsma

Prof Ronnie - Ian McElhinney

James - Rudi Dharmalingam

Zander - Chukwudi Iwuji

Tyler - Damien Molony

Liv Stern - Elizabeth Roberts

Tilly Stern - Mollie Cowen

Vinnie Stern - Toby Oliver

Caroline - Lindsay Duncan

India - Jemima Rooper

Kate - Lara Pulver

Felix - Clarence Smith

Leonora - Karen Bryson

Prisha - Radhika Aggarwal

Gemma - Viss Elliot Safavi

Connor - Howard Corlett

Trudy - Kate Maravan

Mike - Damian Lynch

Gael - Alex Guersman


Writer: Abi Morgan

Director: Dee Koppang O'Leary

Producer: Emma Genders, Sumrah Mohammed

Exec Producers: Abi Morgan, Jane Featherstone, Lucy Dyke

Prod Company: Sister Pictures





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Well, I was ready for it, but completely NOT emotionally ready for what happened in episode 1!Still in shock and overwhelmed with sadness after the huge and tragic loss in this ep to properly process it.
After series 2 it could have gone either way with Nina and Tyler, but it has certainly gone all the way in one direction! Totally gasp-worthy! It is so tense watching how blatant both of them are being, and heartbreaking to see how their individual damage as two addicts has created this bubble of massive denial in their affair. It is not hard to foresee tragedy ahead, for both of them..
The Hannah / Nathan relationship developments are compelling to watch in their complexity, Nicola Walker is outstanding as usual.
Not enough Damien in this episode but have a feeling there may be more of him in coming episodes.
ALL episodes are now available on the BBC iplayer! Told myself i was going to watch the episodes weekly as they aired on BBC One. WHO AM I KIDDING. Binge ahead!


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Yes, I was waiting for it to start, practically on the edge of my seat.

I found Hannah even more annoying, but really couldn't blame her for being shocked about the girlfriend - just wait till she finds out about the baby!

James and Rose I've always found bland and I would have been quite happy if they'd moved to Australia or somewhere. But I think it was. Quite obvious from the moment James got on his bike saying he wanted to live his life that he was going to be killed off, plus his cycling was atrocious.
It may not sound it but I've been addicted to this since the very first series.

Loved seeing Jemima Rooper in this episode, too.

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hello everyone! Did you see ep 1 on Monday? Or on the iplayer? What did you think?! Would love to hear! Don't forget to vote in the poll!

Ah yes Ellie, the sub story case with Jemima Rooper and Lindsay Duncan was cleverly woven in!

The show definitely feels more about the lawyers than the clients this series, which is only right in terms of the '3 act' arc for a tv show.

I was truly shocked by James... almost cannot forgive Abi Morgan for doing it to him, loved his quirky character and to do this in episode 1 is brutal!



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A few Tyler screencaps from episode 1

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