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Topic: How To Use The Forum Emoticons

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How To Use The Forum Emoticons
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How To Use The Forum Emoticons 

When you begin a new topic, or use the 'reply' option to post, you are taken to a new page which has a selection of smilies on the left hand side. 

To include any in your post, just click on the relevant smiley! smile.gif

At the bottom of this selection is a 'more emoticons' button, click on this to discover the rest of the emoticon library.

To include these in your post, either by reply or quick reply, you simply type the name of the emoticon and put a colon : either side of the name

For example 

: handshake : 

but without the gaps before and after the word. I wrote it this way to demonstrate, without the gaps you would simply see the emoticon 

If you have any questions about using the forum emoticons and smilies, please feel free to post them here

or ask the Admin or moderators.




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