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Helpful Hints on How to Use The Forum



1. Membership


Why become a member?

Once a member of the forum you can post on the boards, begin your own topics, join in with the live chat and have access to the member only and private forums.

Read more about extra features for members HERE


How do I become a member?

It is easy to register, you can choose any username you like and we will not use your email address for anything else.

to register click HERE



2. Participation

How do I use the forum?

We believe that you will get the most out of the forum if you join in with the fun! there are numerous ways to do that:

- Join existing discussions - keep that ball rolling and discuss the work of or fave actor with other fans!

- Chatbox - Join the chat in our new live chatbox which can be found at the bottom of the forum

- 'Off-Topic' Posting- Not that we could ever tire of talking about the works of our fave actor, but don't forget to check out the off topic areas of the forum, THE CAFE and THE MEMBER'S LOUNGE (please note only regularly posting members have access to The Member's Lounge)



3. Guidelines and 'HOW TO' topics

How does the forum work?

We recommend all members read the forum guidelines and how to topics before posting on the forum. You may find many of your questions answered HERE!




 4. Menu bar navigation

Help! I'm lost! How can I find my way around the forum?

The forum has a customized menu bar, for easy navigation around the forum.

The menu bar can be found at the top of the forum underneath the forum header.


To use the menu bar simply click on the item you are interested in, for example click on 'THEATRE' and you will see all of Damien's theatre projects listed. Simply click on the one you are interested in to see the latest forum topics on that project. 




 5. Latest Activity at the forum

Where can I find the most recent Damien news and discussions on the forum?

For the latest Damien news on the fansite click HERE

For the latest fan discussion topic on the forum click HERE



 6. Search function

How do I look for a specific picture, article, video, topic etc, or check if something has been posted before?

use the 'SEARCH' function, also found on the top navigation menu




7. Topic Placement

I am not sure where to post something on the forum?

There are descriptions under the title of each forum section on the front page to help you. Some sections also have introductions in the  'STICKY' introduction topics at the top of a topic list for more info.

For a forum index and further info on where to post, click HERE




8. Posts and Topics Order

How can I change the way forum is displayed to me, like the order of topics and posts?

click HERE to learn how!




9. Profile pictures and Signatures

How do I add or change my profile pic or signature?

All members can change their avatars (profile pic), signatures and a number of other settings in their profiles.

click HERE to learn how!




10. Questions? Suggestions?

Have any forum related questions or suggestions?

Post them HERE !



We hope you enjoy yourself here at the forum and  thank you for helping to support the work of Damien Molony and create a fun and friendly place for all his fans.


Damien Molony Forum



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