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Topic: THE SPLIT Series 2 | Read Scripts Online | BBC Writer's Room

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THE SPLIT Series 2 | Read Scripts Online | BBC Writer's Room


The scripts for The Split series 2 by Abi Morgan have been made available online via the BBC Writer's Room!

Something to read while we wait for news of Tyler Donaghue's return to The Split Series 3 (as yet uncomfirmed).

I've only read the script for episode 1 and episode 6 so far and it is fascinating to read Damien's introduction as Tyler, see all of his lines, and how he brought it all to life on screen. 

The ending of the series for Tyler was a shocking one, there are more tiny little clues in the script as to what was going on for him in that scene with Nina... which have given a more definitive interpretation for me!

"TYLER, leans back against the curtain, wiping his mouth a little, catching his breath, inwardly kicking himself

Then back towards ZANDER, CHRISTIE and OTHERS, trying to push the memory of NINA and that kiss away."



They are very much worth a look, read & download the scripts for every episode of series 2 at the link below!





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