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Topic: DAMIEN MOLONY INTERVIEW: Get Down To Brassic Tacks | Sunday World Ireland

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DAMIEN MOLONY INTERVIEW: Get Down To Brassic Tacks | Sunday World Ireland

Another new Damien Brassic 3 interview!

This one is with Irish publication Sunday World.



It is a lovely interview!

These are my highlights:

When Damien talks about his son spotting his face on the SKY vans with the  Brassic artwork:  


“Sky has been promoting the new season of Brassic on the side of the vans they have driving around to install satellite dishes and Sky boxes and my son saw him on the side of one and was very impressed,” begins Damien, in an exclusive interview with Magazine+

“My son spots these fans quicker than anyone and says, ‘Daddy that’s you driving down the street again’. It’s just lovely.

“Children are just the best thing that can happen to you and I had a wonderful moment with him last year when I went back to Ireland as I took him to this wonderful idea called Theatre for One at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin.

“It was just me and my son and one actor performing for us and it was one of the most wonderful cultural experiences of my life.”


When he shares his thoughts on being "famous":


“When you see photographers popping out of bushes trying to take photos of Michelle when we are filming Brassic, it’s a world that I struggle to associate with,” he admitted.“I don’t really care too much about being famous. For me, it’s all about doing good work and thankfully, I’ve been very busy of late working on the next season of The Split for the BBC and now I’m working on season four of Brassic for Sky."






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